HIGGINS, Ellen Charlotte. Brixton, London 14.8.1871 — Edinburgh 13.12.1951. Miss. Britishwoman interested in Pāli or Buddhism. Born of Scottish parents, educated in Edinburgh. From 1890 studies, graduated B.A. from London University. In 1907-35 Principal of Royal Holloway College of London University, 1911-35 also Senator of London University.

In 1913-18 wrote letters to Rhys Davids couple, apparently their student. According to Mrs. Rhys Davids the index was “a very patchy affair”.

Publications: With others assisted C. A. F. Rhys Davids in the index vol. to Majjhima-Nikaya. 7+183 p. L. 1925.

Sources: *Oxford D.N.B.; Wikipedia (supposing that she is the same Ellen C, Higgins mentioned by Mrs. Rhys Davids.

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