HITZ, Luise

HITZ, Luise. Munich 13.1.1835 — Munich 1.5.1906. German Schoolteacher and Poet interested in Sanskrit Literature. Daughter of a painter, family originally from Switzerland. Obtained the modest education then offered to women and started her literary career in 1882. Active for the rights of women. Her poetic renderings of Sanskrit classics are characterised very free and not particularly good (Winternitz).

Publications: Ganga-Wellen. 144 p. Munich 1893 (anthology of Indian poetry, Foreword by Count —> Schack); Damajanti. Lyrisches Drama. 98 p. Munich 1897.

Lyrical poetry not related with India.

Sources: S. Pataky, Lexikon deutscher Frauen der Feder. New ed. B. 2014, 268f.; Dt. Lit.Lex. 7.

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