ARCHER, John Clark

ARCHER, John Clark. Wilma, Maryland 23.12.1881 — Hamden, Conn. 7.7.1957. U.S. Missionary and Scholar of Comparative Religion. Son of John A. and Virginia Augusta Clark. Father died early and in 1891 his mother married —> G. W. Brown (he is thus half-brother of W. N. Brown). Educated at Hiram College, O. (B.A. 1905) and Yale (B.D., M.A. 1914). Ordained 1905. After having been an educational missionary in India (Jabalpur) in 1907-11, he returned to the U.S.A. and completed his graduate studies. Ph.D. 1922. From 1914 Lecturer in Missions at Yale Divinity School, then 1916 Associate Pro­fessor and 1924 Professor of Missions and Comparative Religion, ibid. From 1932 Hocker Pro­fessor of Comparative Religion, ibid. Retired in 1950. In 1937 one year at Khalsa College in Amritsar preparing his book on the Sikhs. Married Catharina Carrie Alford, children.

Publications: Wrote on Indian and other religions (Islam), i. al.: The Sikhs in relation to Hindus, Moslems, Christians, and Ahmadiyyas. Study in comparative religion. 11+353 p. Princeton 1946.

Chapter “Hinduism”, E. J. Jurji (ed.), The Great Religions of the World. 8+387 p. Princeton 1946.

Sources: short obituary note in JAOS 78, 1958, 225; Who Was Who in Am. 3; bibliography by N.J. Hein, The Muslim World 50, 1960, 207-212.

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