ARCHER, John Clark

ARCHER, John Clark. Wilma, Maryland 23.12.1881 — Hamden, Conn. 7.7.1957. U.S. Missionary and Scholar of Comparative Religion. Son of John A. and Virginia Augusta Clark, educated at Hiram College, O. (B.A. 1905) and Yale (B.D., M.A. 1914). Ordained 1905. After having been an educational missionary in India (Jabalpur) in 1907-11, he returned to the U.S.A. and completed his graduate studies. Ph.D. 1922. From 1914 Lecturer in Missions at Yale Divinity School, then 1916 Associate Pro­fessor and 1924 Professor of Missions and Comparative Religion, ibid. From 1932 Hocker Pro­fessor of Comparative Religion, ibid. Retired in 1950. Married with Catharina Carrie Alford, children.

Publications: wrote on Indian and other religions (Islam), i. al.: The Sikhs in relation to Hindus, Moslems, Christians, and Ahmadiyyas. Study in comparative religion. 364 p. Princeton 1946.

chapter “Hinduism”, E. J. Jurji (ed.), The Great Religions of the World. 8+387 p. Princeton 1946.

Sources: short obituary note in JAOS 78, 1958, 225; Who Was Who in Am. 3; bibliography by N.J. Hein, The Muslim World 50, 1960, 207-212.

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