HOFMANN, Erich. Mühlhausen, Thüringen 4.3.1895 — Kiel 7.11.1982. German IE Linguist. Professor in Kiel. Son of a school director, educated in Görlitz and Wiesbaden. In 1913-22 studies of classics and comparative linguistics at Göttingen (but in 1914-19 in military service). Ph.D. 1922 Göttingen, 1923-25 further studies of Slavic and Balkanology at Leipzig and Prague. PD 1926 Göttingen. In 1933 joined NSDAP. From 1934 PD and 1935 ao. Professor at Marburg, then 1937 ord. Professor at Münster, in 1940-45 at German University in Prague, and in 1950-63 at Kiel. Retired in 1963. A specialist of Baltic languages.

Publications: Wrote mainly on Lithuanian.

Sources: D.G.K. 8th ed. 1954; Hessische Biografie in www.lagis-hessen.de/pnd/118552635; German Wikipedia.

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