GRIFFITHS, Percival Joseph. Middlesex 15.1.1899 — 14.7.1992. Sir. British Civil Servant in India. Son of Joseph Thomas Gr., educated in London. M.A. Cambridge, then went to India in 1922, mainly served in Bengal. Finally District Magistrate of Medinipur in Bengal from 1933. Retired 1937, but stayed in India as a representative of European business. Knighted 1947, K.B.E. 1963. Married 1924 Kathleen Wilkes (d. 1974), three sons, and 1985 Marie Shirley Smith.

Publications: The British in India. 222 p. L. 1946; The British Impact on India. 520 p. 1952.

– Modern India. 250 p. L. 1957; 4th ed. 311 p. L. 1965.

– The History of the Indian Tea Industry. 12+730 p. L. 1967; Vignettes of India. 218 p. 1985.

To Guard my People: The History of the Indian Police. 12+444 p. 1971.

– Many further writings on general historical and political subjects.
– Also by him (?): P. J. Griffiths, “Buddhist Jhāna: A form-critical study”,  Religion 13, 1983, 55-68.

Sources: Obituary in The Independent 14.7.1992; *Oxford D.N.B.; Wikipedia;

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