HORST, Christopher Henry

HORST, Christopher Henry (Christoph Heinrich). Willenburg near Schwerin 24.5.1761 — Tanjavur 10.7.1810. German Lutheran Missionary in India. Son of Anton Wilhelm H. and Veronica Voigt (d. 1761). Grew up in Ratzeburg. From 1781 studied medicine at Göttingen, but soon joined Hannoveran army and went to India, arriving 1787 in Madras. Because of an illness he could not continue in army and worked as book-keeper and teacher. Met Gericke, who made him interested in mission, which he joined in 1792. Worked in Cuddalore, from 1803 in Tanjavur, for a while also in Trankebar. Ordained priest 1807. Married with Maria Magdalena Vincent (d. 1817), six daughters and two sons.

Publications: Translated Beschi’s Tamil Grammar into English in 1806, printed as A Grammar of the Common Dialect of the Tamul Language. 160 p. Madras 1831.

Sources: G.C. Knapp, Neuere Geschichte der Evangelischen Missions-Anstalten zu Bekehrung der Heiden in Ostindien. Halle 1808, vii-xi; geni.com, wikitree.com and ancestry.com.

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