HILDBURGH, Walter Leo. New York 30.3.1876 — London 25.11.1956. U.S. Art Collector and Traveller. Born in a wealthy immigrant family, son of Henry H. and Lillie Cornelia Rosenblatt. Ph.D. Columbia University (diss. on electricity). In 1900 began travels in Japan, China and India. He spent some time in Sri Lanka studying magic, then went to Europe via the Near East. In 1912 he settled in London, still there in 1950. Never returned to the U.S.A. He was also a conoisseur of alabaster.

Publications: “Notes on Sinhalese Magic”, JRAnthrInst 38, 1908, 148-206; “Notes on Some Tibetan and Bhutia Amulets and Folk-Medicines, and a Few Nepalese Amulets”, JRAnthrInst 39, 1909, 386-396 & “Notes on Some Burmese Amulets and Magical Objects”, 397-407; “Note on a Magical Curative Practice in Use at Benares”, Man 17, 1917, 157-158.

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Sources: https://collection.cooperhewitt.org/people/18052375/bio; Wikipedia; parents and life dates in ancestry.com.

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