HOLMER, Nils Magnus. Göteborg 5.2.1904 — Vollsjö near Lund 10.6.1994.Swedish Linguist. Son of railway engineer Lars Magnus H. and elementary school teacher Anna Vilhelmina Lindström. Grew up in Kalmar. Studied Russian at Lund (fil.kand. 1925), also became interested in Indo-European. In 1926-29 studied Czech and Celtic at Prague. Lic.phil. 1932 Lund. In the 1930s fieldwork on Gaelic and Irish. From 1941 PD of Celtic and IE at Uppsala. In 1949-69 Professor of Linguistics at Lund. After war also worked on North and South American languages, then also on Australian. Married.

Publications: “A Proto-European Consonant System and the. Pronunciation of Sumerian”, Studia Linguistica 3:1, 1949, 1-17; “On the Indo-European Optative”, Språkliga bidrag 1:1, Lund 1951, 5-13; “Additional remarks to the problem of the Indo-European Optative”, Språkliga bidrag 3:11, Lund 1958, 5-9; further articles.

– Much on Celtology, also wrote on Amerindian and Australian languages.

Sources: Wikipedia with photo (more in Swedish version).

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