ARNOT, Sandford

ARNOT, Sandford. 1??? — before 1844. British (Scots) Indologist (Hindi/Urdu Scholar). From 1821 (then already in India, but still young) Assistant editor of the Calcutta Journal he wrote an article considered offensive to Government and was banished from India. The quarrels involved continued long in England. Assisted by D. Forbes, he succeeded Gilchrist as the teacher of Hindustani at Oriental Institute in London in 1826. Associated with Rammohan Ray during his visit to U.K.

Publications: A new self-instructing Grammar of the Hindustani Tongue, the most useful and general Language of British India, in the Oriental and Roman Character. 132 p. L. 1831; 2nd ed. with D. Forbes, Grammar of the Hindûstânee Tongue in the Oriental and Roman Character, … with a vocabulary by D.F. L. 1844.

with D. Forbes: An Essay on the Origin and Structure of the Hindostanee Tongue. 24 p. L. 1828; A new Persian Grammar. 4+60 p. L. 1828.

A sketch of the history of the Indian press during the last ten years. 88 p. L. 1830.

translated from Persian: Indian Cookery, as practised and described by the natives of the East. 36 p. Misc. Transl. from Oriental Languages 1. L. 1831 (modern account written for Englishmen).

Sources: Neither in D.N.B. nor in Br. Biogr. Arch.; the expulsion case reported from Calcutta Journal in The Oriental Herald 1, 1824, 637-648; Mr. Buckingham’s Defence of his public and private character against the atrocious calumnies contained in a false and slanderous pamphlet. Sheffield 1832 (against Arnot 1829).


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