KAHLO, Gerhard

KAHLO, Gerhard. Magdeburg 29.13.1893 — Cottbus 18.7.1974. German Anthropologist and Author. After school in Magdeburg studies of Classics, Germanistics, history and philosophy at Göttingen and Jena. Joined leftist political move­ment as student, in 1945 joined the KPD. After studies worked as high school teacher, had difficulties in the Nazi period. From 1953 Professor of Volkskunde at Humboldt University in Berlin, soon moved to Leipzig.

Publications: “Randbemerkungen zu Vātsyāyana und seinen Nachfolgern”, AION 16, 1966, 251-267.

wrote much on Indonesia, also on Germnaistics and German Volkskunde, also on languages.

own literary output: novels, short stories, children’s stories, poetry, drama, translations.

Sources: German Wikipedia.


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