LORENZ, Francisco Valdomiro

LORENZ, Francisco Valdomiro (born František Vladimir Lorenz). Zbyslav 24.12.1872 — Dom Feliciano 24.5.1957. Brazilian (born Czech) Philosopher, Polyglot and Esperantist. He took early Esperanto, but as Austro-Hungarian state imagined it to be connected with socialism, he had to emigrate in 1891. Lived first in Rio de Janeiro, then in Rio Grande do Sul.

Publications: Translated into Esperanto: Bhagavad-Gitâ, tio estas, sublima kanto pri la senmorteco. El la sanskrita originalo verse trad. N. pl. n. d. (1942).

– Much (36 books) unrelated, e.g. on Esperanto and on Kabbalah.

Sources: Wikipedia briefly with drawing.

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