KAROW, Otto. Magdeburg 29.9.1913 — 6.8.1992. German Sino-Japanologist. After school in Magdeburg started studies of Theology, soon became interested in Asian languages and moved to Leipzig and then Berlin. Beside Chinese and Japanese also studied Tibetan and Mongolian. Graduated 1935. Married 1936 and in 1937 left for Japan, where he worked as correspondent of German News Agency and as teacher of German. Interned in 1945 and sent back to Germany in 1947. From 1947 apl. Lektor of Chinese and Japanese at Bonn, in 1948-52 studied medicine. Ph.D. 1949 in East Asian medicine. PD 1951 Bonn, in Japanology. In 1951-57 taught at Münster, then apl. Professor at Bonn, ord. of East Asian Philology from 1960, retired 1978. In later years also much interested in South-East Asia.

Publications: wrote on East and South-East Asia.

Symbolik der Buddhismus. Tafelband. 376 p. Symbolik der Religionen 22. St. 1989 (Textband by Kirfel).

Opera Minora. Zum 65. Geburtstag des Verfassers ausgewahlt und eingeleitet von H. A. Dettmer und G. Endress. 783 p. Wb. 1978.

Sources: H. A. Dettmer, NOAG 149-150, 1991, 7f.


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