MCCALL, Anthony Gilchrist

MCCALL, Anthony Gilchrist. 1895 — ?.5.1978. British Civil Servant in India. Son of Anthony McCall and Mary Gilchrist. In 1914-21 served in Royal Artillery. Major. In 1921 joined I.C.S. In 1927-30 in Manipur, 1931-43 in charge of Lushai Hills district. In 1947 back to the U.K. O.B.E. Married 1924 Jean Chisholm Elliot-Scott (a widow, née Culbard), one daughter.

Publications: Lushai: Land of Tranquility and Upheaval (Lushai Chrysalis). 320 p. L. 1949.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet.

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