KENT, Roland Grubb

KENT, Roland Grubb. Wilmington, Del. 24.2.1877 — Bryn Mawr, Pa. 27.6.1952. U.S. Latin, IE and Iranian scholar. Professor in Philadelphia. Son of Lindley Coates Kent, a lumber merchant, and Anna Grubb. Educated at Swarthmore College. A.B. 1895, B.Litt. 1896, A.M. 1898. Further studies in 1899-1900 at Berlin, 1900 at Munich, 1900-01 as American Scholar of Classical Studies in Athens, 1901 at Munich and 1901-02 again in Athens. Mainly concentrated on Greek. In 1896-99 Instructor of Latin at Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, Pa., 1902-03 Harrison Fellow at University of Pennsylvania. Ph.D. 1903 there. All of his later career was also at University of Pennsylvania: 1904-09 Instructor in Greek and Latin, 1909-16 Assistant Professor of Comparative Philology, and from 1916 full Professor of of Indo-European linguistics. In 1910-14 also lecturer in Sanskrit at Bryn Mawr. Retired in 1947. Married 1904 with Gertrude Freeman Hall.

RGK was a Latin and IE scholar specialized in Old Persian. His 1950 handbook is a much-used seminal work. In 1924 among the founders of the Linguistic Society of America. Among his students was M. W. Smith.

Publications: diss. A History of Thessaly from the Earliest Historical Times to the Accession of Philip V of Macedonia. MS. 1903, one chapter publ. Lancaster, Pa. 1904 (the rest not preserved).

– “The Vedic Path of the Gods and the Roman Pontifex”, ClPh 8, 1913, 315-321.

– “Classical Parallels to a Sanskrit Proverb”, JAOS 33, 1913, 214-216.

– “Studies in the Old Persian Inscriptions”, JAOS 35, 1915-17, 321-352; “The recently published Old Persian Inscriptions”, JAOS 51, 1931, 289-240; brief articles on Old Persian in JAOS 1920, 1921, 1933, 1934, 1936, 1938, 1942, 1943, 1946, 1947, 1952, and Iranian in JAOS 1911 & 1913; further articles in JNES, etc., also wrote on Avesta.

Old Persian. Grammar, texts, lexicon. A.O.S. 33. New Haven 1950, 2nd rev. ed. 11+219 p. New Haven 1953 (texts including all then known O.P. inscriptions, with translations).

– The Textual criticism of Inscriptions. 76 p. Philadelphia 1926 (beside Latin, Greek and Osco-Umbrian also dealing with Old Persian).

Language and Philology. Our Debt to Greece and Rome. 7+174 p. Boston 1923; L’accentuation latine, problèmes et solutions. P. 1926; translated: Varro, De lingua Latina. 1-2. Loeb Class. Library. Cambridge & L. 1938; other works, articles on classical philology in ClPh, ClR, AJPh, TAPA, etc.

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