KETELAAR, Joan Josua

KETELAAR, Joan Josua (Johann Joshua K., Kettler, Kessler). Elbing 1659 — Bandar Abbas 1716. German Traveller. Son on a bookbinder, apprenticed to the same craft, but accused for stealing and attempted murder had to escape to Stockholm. From 1662 in service of the Dutch E.I.C., in India, Indonesia and Persia death. In 1711-12 he was Ambassador of the Dutch E.I.C. to the Great Mughals, then 1712-15 director of the Surat factory and in 1715-16 on a mission to Persian court, died on his way back. In 1698 in Lakhnau he wrote a Hindustani grammar, which was then translated into Latin by David Mill and published in Leiden in 1743.

Publications: Hindustani grammar 1743 (see above).

journal of his embassy publ. in F. Valentijn’s Oud- en Nieuw Oost-Indiën. 4. 1726, 280-302; English translation “Embassy of Mr. Johan Joshua Ketelaar, Ambassador of the Dutch East India Company to the Great Moguls Shah ‘Alam Bahadur Shah and Jahandar Shah”, JPHS 10, 1929, 1-94.

Sources: *J.-Ph. Vogel, “J.J.K. of Elning, Author of the first Hindūstānī Grammas”, BSOS 8:2-3, 1936, 817-822; introduction to English journal in JPHS 10, 1929;

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