KIECKERS, Ernst. Barmen (now part of Wuppertal) 27.9.1882 — Munich 5.8.1938. German IE Linguist in Estonia. Professor in Tartu. Son of Ernst K., owner of a dyehouse, and Mathilde Kramer. After gymnasium in Barmen studies of IE linguistics in 1901-07 at Bonn, Munich and Marburg. Ph.D. 1907 Marburg, then further studies at Berlin and Freiburg (Thurneysen). PD 1911 Freiburg i.Br., 1912 Munich. From 1917 ao. Professor at Munich. In 1921-38 ord. Professor of IE linguistics at Tartu (Dorpat) Uni­ver­sity in Estonia. Married 1916 Luise Fontein (divorced 1920) and 1920 Dorothea Schulze, one daughter.

In his research Kieckers concentrated on comparative IE and on classical languages, but apparently taught Sanskrit, too.

Publications: Diss. on Greek dialects of Crete; hab.diss. Die Stellung des Verbs im Hauptsatze im Griechischen und in anderen indo­germanischen Sprachen. 99 p. Strassburg 1911, part of his: Die Stellung des Verbs im Griechischen und in den verwandten Sprachen Sprachen. 156 p. Strassburg 1911.

– “Prākritische diṇṇa und ding ‘gegeben’”, IF 22, 1907-08, 289-291; “Zur oratio recta in den indogermanischen Sprachen”, IF 35, 1915, 1-93 & 36, 1916, 1-70.

– “Sprachwissenschaftliche Miscellen I–XII”, Acta et Comment. Univ. Dorpat 192?-35.

Sources: *P. Arumaa, Gnomon 15, 1939, 110-112; P. Wirth, N.D.B. 11, 1977, 536; *bibliography by H. Hredell, *Bursians Jber. 280, 1942, 49-56; briefly D.B.E. 5, 1997, 528.

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