ATTENHOFER, Adolf. Zürich 14.5.1879 — Chur 24.12.1950. Swiss Poet and Educator interested in German and Indian Philology. Catholic. Son of a baker. After Gymnasium in Zürich attended Lehrerseminar in Küsnacht. Then studies at universities of Zürich, Geneva, Paris, Berlin, and Munich (under E. Kuhn). From 1920 in Chur, from 1924 founder and director of Bündner Volkshochschule in Chur. Taught German, Latin and Hebrew at cantonal school in Chur. Was conferred Professor’s title. Married with Catharina Zappa.

Publications: “Parallelen zum Kṣāntivādijātaka”, Fs. E. Kuhn 1916, 353-356.

Buddhismus. 16 p. Chur 1939; Konfuzius. 15 p. Chur 1938.

On German literature, on philosophy, several vols. of poetry.

Sources: Schweiz. Zeitgenossen-Lexikon 2nd ed. 1932; works in Ges.Verz.; K. Marti-Weissbach in Web HistLexSchweiz; German Wikipedia. Neither in Hist.-biogr. Lex. der Schweiz nor Schweizer Lexikon 1991.

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