KITTOE, Markham S.

KITTOE, Markham S. ?.11.1808 — Bosmere, Suffolk 14.10.1853. British Colonial Officer and a Pioneer of Archaeology in India. Came to India already in 1825 as cadet. Because of his over-sensitiveness he had difficulties with his superiors and was even temporarily dismissed. He was befriended with Prinsep, who helped him. Back in the army, in the beginning of the 1840s he served several years as a Road Officer in Chota Nagpur. Studied on architecture and sculpture, also on inscriptions. In the late 1840s he was Archaeological Enquirer to the Government in the North-West. As an architect he draw the new building of Benares Sanskrit College and superintended its construction. In January 1853 his health broke and he was sent home, but the illness only worsened during the journey and he died in a few days after his arrival in England. He married 1835 Emily Chalmers (d. 1877) and had one daughter and one son, captain Markham Robinson K. (1848–1871). In 1837 he discovered the Aśoka pillars of Dhauli and Jaugada.

Publications: Illustrations of Indian Architecture from the Muhammadan Conquest Downwards. 1-13. Calcutta 1838-42.

Wrote on archaeology and inscriptions in the 1830s and 1840s, mainly in JASB.

Sources: Cunningham in preface to A.S.I. Report. Not in the D.N.B., only his son in Br. Biogr. Arch

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