KOEPPEN, Carl Friedrich

KOEPPEN, Carl Friedrich. Seehausen 26.4.1808 — 19.7.1863. German Philosopher interested in Buddhism. Son of a minister. After gymnasium in Stendal studies at Berlin. After military service in artillery he worked as schoolteacher in Königstädt. He was a Linkshegelian and a close friend of Marx and published anonymously rash criticism of the then eminent historians such as Ranke. In his book on Buddhism he discussed both Theravāda (vol. 1) and Lamaism (2). Especially for the first he necessarily could not find good sources and thus his negative interpretation has been long time antiquitated.

Publications: “Die Berliner Historiker”, Hallesche Jahrbücher 4, 1841; “Fichte und die Revolution”, Ruge (ed.), Anekdote zur neuesten deutschen Philosophie und Publicistik 1, Zürich 1843, 153-196; and other philosophical and political articles.

Die Religion des Buddha. 1-2. 8+614+??? p. B. 1857-59.

Sources: A. Stern, “Wer war der Verfasser des Aufsatzes ‘Berliner Historiker’ in den Halleschen Jahrbüchern 1841?”, Historische Zeitschrift 143, 1931, 512-517; briefly mentioned in Schumann, Buddhismus, 11; Wikipedia.

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