KOHLER, Josef. Offenburg 9.3.1849 — Berlin-Charlottenburg 3.8.1919. German Legal Scholar interested in India. Son of an elementary school teacher. Studies of law at Heidelberg and Freiburg, promotion 1873. After some time as attorney in Mannheim Professor at Würzburg from 1878 and at Berlin from 1888.

Publications: Wrote much on Western jurisprudence, also on Mear Eastern and Islamic law.

Articles on Indian law in Zeitschrift für vgl. Rechtsgesch. 6, 1886, 161ff.; Zeitschrift für vgl. Rechtswiss. 16, 1903, 179ff.; Archiv für Rechts- und Wirtschaftsphilosophie 4, 1910, 235ff.; 5, 1911/12, 606ff.; “Die Eleaten und das Vedānta”, ibid. 10, 1917, 125ff.

Altindisches Prozessrecht. 56 p. Stuttgart 1891.

Also wrote poetry and studies on philosophy, literature and art history.

Sources: References to his articles in Winternitz 3; Wikipedia with photo (more details and references in German version).

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