AUSTERLITZ, Robert Paul. Bucharest, Romania 13.12.1923 — N.Y. 9.9.1994. Romanian born Linguist and Uralic Scholar in U.S.A., wrote on Dravidian in the 1960s. Came to U.S.A. in 1938. Educated at Columbia University (M.A. 1950, Ph.D. 1955). In 1951-53 further studies of Uralic at Helsinki and 1953-54 Nivkh at Tokyo. Assistant Professor to Associate Professor 1958-65, from 1965 Professor of Linguistics and Uralic Studies at Columbia University. Retired 1992. Died of cancer. Married 1953 with Sylvi Nevanlinna (d. 1981), 2 children.

Publications: mostly on Uralic, a few articles on Dravidian.

Sources: Dir. Am. Scholars 8th ed. vol. 3, 1982; Wikipedia.

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