LACROIX, Alphonse François

LACROIX, Alphonse François. Neuchâtel 10.5.1799 — Calcutta 3.7.1859. Swiss Missionary and Bengali Scholar in India. Became agent of the Netherlands Missionary Society at Chinsura, where he arrived in 1821. When Chinsura became British in 1825 he moved to Calcutta, became British subject and member of London Missionary Society. “Initiated religious Missions in the delta of the Ganges, in the Sundarbans, in the Sagar island. A scholar in Bengali. Founded Bhawanipur Missionary Institution, 1851. Revised the Bengali version of the Scriptures and trained native preachers.”

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; S. P. Oliver, D.N.B. 31, 1892, 372; Dutch Wikipedia.

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