SHORTT, John. 26.2.1822 — Yerkaud 24.4.1889.  British Physician in India. Trained as apothecary at Madras Medical School until 1846. In 1850 he went to Scotland for further studies and became both M.D. and veterinary. In 1854 returned to Madras and worked as Assistant Surgeon, full Surgeon 1866. Retired 1878 as Deputy Surgeon-General of Madras, with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.

Publications: Handbook of Coffee Planting in Southern India. 10+182+8 p. Madras 1864.

Manual of Indian cattle and sheep. 2+130 p. Madras 1876.
The Cocoanut Palm or Cocos Nucifera. 22 p. Madras 1888.
Manual of Indian Agriculture. 8+328 p. Madras 1889.
– “An Account of the Tribes of the Neilgherries”, Tr. of Ethnol. Soc. of London N.S. 7, 1868, 230-290; “The Kojahs of Southern India”, JRAnthrInst 2, 1873, 402-407 (eunuchs); other anthropological papers.
– Edited: The Hill Ranges of Southern India. 1-6. Madras 1870-83.
– Medical and veterinarian publications.


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