STOCQUELER, Joachim Hayward

STOCQUELER, Joachim Hayward. London 21.7.1801 — Bath 14.3.1885. British Journalist and Writer in India. Son of Joachim Christian St. (who had Italian mother and Portuguese father) and Elizabeth Hayward. Educated at Brochard’s academy in Camden. In 1819 joined E.I.C.’s army as non-commissioned officer and left for Bombay. Left army in 1824 and in 1827 began as a journalist. Seriously in debt he had to secretly leave Bombay in 1831 and went via Mesopotamia to the Black Sea and from Odessa to London. In 1833 he went to Calcutta where he continued his work as journalist. With renewed financial difficultire he was in Debtors’ Prison in 1840-41, then returned by sea to London. Now concentrated on literary work, also helding lectures on various subjects and working as journalist – but again with repeated money difficulties. In 1859 he finally fled to New York using the pseudonym of Siddons. During the U.S. civil war returned, but life was not easier in London and Ireland, from 1875 again some time in the U.S.A. Married 1828 Jane Spencer (d. 1870), two sons, then separated, and 1844 Eliza Wilson Pepper (although not formally divorced), four children. In addition he had three children from an affair with Mrs Louise Wardroper and further three with Mary Agnes Cameron, whom he married 1870.

Publications: Fifteen Months Pilgrimage through Untrodden Tracts in Khuzistan and Persia. 1-2. L. 1832.

Memorials of Affghanistan: being state papers, official documents, dispatches, authentic narratives, etc., illustrative of the British expedition to, and occupation of, Affghanistan and Scinde, between the Years 1838 and 1842. 8+304+142 p. Calcutta 1843.

The Handbook of India, A guide to the Stranger and the Traveller, and a Companion to the Resident. 7+600 p. L. 1844.

The Oriental Interpreter and Treasury of East India Knowledge: companion to The Handbook of British India. 304 p. L. 1848.

India: its history, climate, productions, and field sports; with notices of European life and manners, and of the various travelling routes. 7+207 p. L. 1853.

The True Causes of the Revolt of the Bengal army. L. 1858.

A Familiar History of British India, from the earliest period to the transfer of the government of India to the British crown in 1858. L. 1859.
– Many further works, historical and military, also several plays and other books of fiction.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia with drawing.

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