TOSCANO, Giuseppe

TOSCANO, Giuseppe. Parma 19.9.1911 — Parma 6.7.2003. Italian Historian of Tibet Mission. In 1924 entered Missionari Saveriani, studied in Vicenza and Parma. Fully ordained 1932, worked in Ravenna and from 1936, as teacher of Latin, Greek and Italian, in Parma. From 1938 studies at Catholic University of Milano. Back in Parma, in May 1945 met Tucci and started the study of Tibetan. In 1946-49 missionary in China, then in Hongkong. Back in Italy 1951 studied medicine at Parma. From the late 1950s to 1988 Director of Museo d’arte cinese and Museo etnografico dell’Istituto saveriano in Parma.

Publications: La prima missione cattolica nel Tibet. 21++320. Parma 1951.

Museo d’Arte Cinese di Parma. Reggio Emilia 1965; other works on China.

Alla scoperta del Tibet. Relazioni dei Missionari del sec. XVII. 495 p. Bologna 1977.

– “Il concetto di Śūnyatā nel Desideri”, Orientalia Iosephi Tucci mem. dicata. S.O.R. 56:3. R. 1987.

Sources: with photo.

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