LEONARD, G. S. 1??? — 1???. Probably British Civil servant in India. In 1878 in Saidpur. Connected with Leonard Theological College, a Methodist Institution in Jabalpur? But our man is styled Mr., not Rev., and there were other people of the name Leonard in India. In 1888 he withdraw from the A.S.B., probably returning to the U.K. Until 1878 he had been Assistant Secretary of the Society. But then he does not appear in member list (1868 & 1878 checked), in 1880 list he is said to have joined only in 1879. Now he was Assistant Traffic Superintendent in Saidpur.

Publications: “The Mythic History of the God Viráj”, JASB 46:1, 1877, 126-148; “Further Proofs of the Polygamy of Kálidása’s Heroes”, ibid. 160-163; “Notes on the Kânphâṭâ Yogis”, IA 7, 1878, 298-300.

A History of the Bráhma Samáj from Its Rise to the Present Day. 179 p. 1879.

Sources: Hints drawn from the Journals and Proceedings of the A.S.B.

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