LEWY, Ernst

LEWY, Ernst. Breslau 19.2.1881 — Dublin 25.9.1966. German Jewish Linguist in Ireland. Irish citizen. Son of Jakob L., a merchant, and Julie Bielschowsky. After school in Breslau studied at Breslau (also Sanskrit with Hillebrandt), München, Leipzig and Berlin. Ph.D. 1904 Breslau. PD 1910 Berlin. In 1907–08 in Hungary, in 1914 in Finland. From 1915 worked at Berlin University, from 1925 as ao. Professor of Hungarian. In 1933 dismissed as Jew, later taken back, but finally hired 1935. From 1937 lived in Ireland, from 1939 working at Irish Academy and University College, Dublin. From 1947 Professor of Linguistics, Dublin. Mainly concentrated on Finno-Ugrian studies.

Publications: Diss. Die altpreußischen Personennamen. 1904; habil.diss. Zur finnisch-ugrischen Wort- und Satzverbindung. 1910.

Wrote also on Indo-Iranian questions in the 1920s.

numerous articles.

Sources: J. Knobloch, N.D.B. 14, 1985, 418f.; German Wikipedia.

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