LEYEN, Friedrich von der

LEYEN, Friedrich von der. Bremen 19.8.1873 — Kirchseeon bei München 8.6.1966. German Germanist and Scholar of Folk Literature and Narrative Traditions. Son of Alfred v.d.L. (1844–1934, lawyer and official) and Luise Kapp (1852–1908). Studies at Marburg, Leipzig and Berlin. Ph.D. 1894 Berlin, in Old German literature. PD 1899 Munich, also worked as author and journalist. From 1906 apl. ao. Professor at Munich, from 1920 Professor of Germanic at the new university of Cologne. Forced by Nazis to retire in 1937 returned to Munich. As Honorarprofessor taught at Cologne in 1946-47 and Munich 1947-53. Visiting Professor at Yale 1913-14, Stanford 1919 and 1932, and Harvard 1931-32. Married 1901 with Helene Asher (1874-19??), one daughter. Winternitz approved his works, which also included translations from Sanskrit.

Publications: hab.diss. Das Märchen in den Göttersagen der Edda. 1899.

Die Indische Märchen. Halle 1898; “Das indische Märchen”, Preusss. Jahrbücher 99, 1900, 62ff.; Fs. Kuhn 1916.

Das Märchen. Lp. 1911, 4th ed. 1958; Die Welt des Märchen. 1-2. 1953.

Die Götter und Göttersagen der Germanen. 1909; Das Buch der deutschen Dichtung. 1-3. 1939-42; and other publications on Old German and Scandinavian literature and religion.

Sources: I. Glier, N.D.B. 14, 1985, 433f.; works in Winternitz 3; German Wikipedia with photo.

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