LIEBERT, Karl Gösta

LIEBERT, Karl Gösta. Torsby, Göteborgs & Bohus län 11.3.1916 — Sävsjö 17.11.1998. Swedish Indologist and Linguist. Son of Karl L. and Hilda Karlsson, both teachers at elementary school. Matriculation 1935 Gothenburg. Studies at Göteborg (kand.hum. 1935) and Lund (kand.phil. 1939, lic.phil. 1943). Ph.D. 1949 Göteborg. In 1949-55 Docent i sanskrit med jämförande indoeuropeisk språkforskning at Lund, acting Professor 1950 and 1955. In 1951-53 acting Professor at Uppsala and 1955-68 at Göteborg. In 1968-81 ord. Professor of Sanskrit and IE linguistics at Göteborg Uni­versitet. Married 1939 Birgit Hultén (d. 199?). In retirement moved to a small town in Småland, where his sister was living. Among his students was Claes Wennerberg.

GL has been mainly a linguist and as such rather appreciated. Much more criticism he has met in his philological (astronomical evidence in the Veda) and iconographical studies. In connection of the latter he also made a remarkable private collection.

Publications: diss. Das Nominalsuffix -ti- im Altindischen. 19+240 p. Lund 1949.

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– “Ai. nīcaira- statt nīcaiḥ als Gebirgsname”, Or. Suec. 13, 1964, 126-135; “Nochmals nīcaira”, Or. Suec. 16, 1967, 215-219.

Iconographic dictionary of the Indian religions: Hinduism – Buddhism – Jainism. Ld. 1976, 2nd ed. 377 p. Ld. 1986.

Sources: Bio-bibliogr. A.I. 20, 1979, 340f.; Lunds Univ. Matr. 1959-1960; Vem är det 1995; F. Josephson (ed.), Categorisation and Interpretation. Indological and comparative studies from an international Indological meeting at the Department of Comparative Philology, Göteborg University. A volume dedicated to the memory of Gösta Liebert. Meijerbergs arkiv 24. Göteborg 1999 (with photo and brief account); briefly in German and Swedish Wikipedia; oral information from F. Josephson.

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