LIEBRECHT, Felix. Namslau, Preussisch-Schlesien 13.3.1812 — St.Hubert, Belgian Luxemburg 3.8.1890. German Scholar of Classical Philology and Narrative Literature in Belgium. Professor in Liège. Studies at Breslau, München and Berlin, then private scholar. From 1849 Professor of German at Collège communal, then at Athénée royal in Liège. Retired 1867 and worked as private scholar. In 1860 he definitely showed the Buddhist origin of the medieval legend of Barlaam and Joasaph.

Publications: “Die Quellen des Barlaam und Josaphat”, Jahrbuch für romanische und englische Litteratur 2:3, 314–334 (a study of the Greek version appeared already in 1847).

Editions and studies of Medieval literature and of folklore.

Sources: E. Schröder, A.D.B. 51, 1906; Not in N.D.B. Wikipedia.

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