LING, Trevor Oswald

LING, Trevor Oswald. London 17.2.1920 — 24.3.1995. British Scholar of Comparative Religion and Buddhism. Started to study for Baprist ministry, but in war service went to India. In Calcutta he met Hindu thought and started to learn Sanskrit and Pāli. Back in England 1946, he studied theology and modern history and in the 1950s taught Theology at Nottingham University. Back in London in Baptist offices he continued his studies. Ph.D. 1959/60 S.O.A.S. or King’s College, London. For a while Pastor at Judson Church (Baptist), University of Rangoon (1960–62). Ordained Anglican priest 1963. In 1963–72 taught Theology at University of Leeds. From 1972 Professor of Comparative Religion at Manchester, until retirement. Visiting Professor in Santiniketan and many years in Singapore (1984–92). Last years in Brighton. He was a specialist of Theravada Buddhism.

Publications: diss. The demonology of the Pāli canon examined in relation to the demonology of the New Testament. MS. 1959/60, much revised as Buddhism and the Mythology of Evil (Mara). 1962.

Buddha, Marx and God: some aspects of religion in the modern world. 1966, 2nd ed. 258 p. L. 1979; Karl Marx and Religion in Europe and India. 176 p. L. 1980.

A History of Religion — East and West. 1968.

A Dictionary of Buddhism. 1972.

The Buddha: Buddhist Civilisation in India and Ceylon. 1973.

Religious Change in the Secular State. 1978.

Buddhism, Imperialism and War: Burma and Thailand in Modern History. 1979.

Buddhist revival in India: aspects of the sociology of Buddhism. 158 p. L. 1980.

Sources: Panchana Saha briefly in MLBD Newsletter July 1995, 9; Cynthia Chou in

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