LINOSSIER, Raymonde. Lyon 25.3.1897 — 31.1./1.2.1930. French Art Historian and Indologist. Lawyer at Paris Cour d’appel. Daughter of Georges L., Professor of Medicine. In WW I served as nurse, after war began law studies, graduated 1926. Also studied Indology under Lévi. Worked from 1925 as unsalaried attachée in Musée Guimet studying Tibetan paintings. Her plans to work on Indian aesthetics remained uncompleted. She was a feminist and active in cultural circles and knew many prominent poets. Died after a brief illness. Unmarried.

Publications: “Mythologie du bouddhisme dans l’Inde”, Mythologie asiatique illustrée. P. 1928, 29-67.

–“Une légende d’Udena à Amarāvatī”, RAA 6, 1929-30, 101f.

– The memorial volume, Études d’orientalisme publiées par Le Musée Guimet à la mémoire de Raymonde Linossier. 1-2. P. 1932, contains her catalogue, “Les peintures tibétaines de la Collection Loo”, 1, 1-97, 8 pl., and her translation of H. Minamoto’s article, “L’iconographie de la ‘descente d’Amida’, trad. du japonais”, 99-129, 1 pl.

– Bibi-la-Bibiste. Roman. Par les soeurs X. P. 1918 (anonymously published).

Sources: Fr. Dromois in; R. Grousset, RAA 6, 1929-30, 123f.; note and photo in memorial volume (above); French Wikipédia; stray notes in Internet.

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