LORD, Henry

LORD, Henry. Oxfordshire 1553 — 16??. British Clergyman in India. Matriculated from Magdalen Hall, Oxford, in 1580, apparently never graduated. Served as curate. From 1625–29 chaplain of the British factory in Surat, where he became interested in Parsism and, with the help of a dastur and of a Parsi, who had learnt little English in English service, collected the first account of this religion. The result was rather poor, for instance of the Avesta he had no idea at all, though he had learnt at least some Hindustani and Persian. In the first part, he confused Jainism and Vauṣṇavism. Later career unknown.

Publications: A Display of two forraigne sects in the East Indies, viz.: the sect of the Banians, the ancient natives of India, and the sect of the Parsees, the ancient inhabitants of Persia. 1-2. L. 1630.

Sources: G.G., D.N.B. 34, 1893, 134f.

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