BOULANGER-MALONEY, Chantal. Paris 4.1.1957 — Kebili, Tunisia 27.12.2004. French Social Anthropo­logist working on South India. Educated in France, studied in Brighton and Japan, then anthropology and Tamil in Paris. In 1989-93 worked in American Museum of Natural History in New York. Then in France, but 1997 moved to London. Interested in Tamil Nadu, in village, home and Brahman rituals, in women’s position, in costums, also in history and in Cankam literature. Married 2002 with Peter Maloney.
Publications:In the Kingdom of Nataraja: a guide to temples, beliefs and people of Tamil Nadu. 141 p. ill. Madras 1993.
Saris: an illustrated guide to the Indian art of draping. 8+131 p. N.Y. 1997.
The Goddess Justice. 1997 (a novel located in Tamil Nadu).
Sources: Columbia Database Directory 1995; obituary by P. Maloney, The Independent 8.4.2005; a few lines in Wikipedia.

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