LUMSDEN, Matthew

LUMSDEN, Matthew. 1777 — Cheltenham, Gloucester (B) or Tooting Common, Surrey (Lee & W) 18.3. or 31.3.1835. British (Scots) Orientalist in India. Professor in Calcutta. Son of John L., educated at King’s College, Old Aberdeen. Came to India in 1794 in E.I.C.’s service, learned soon Arabic and Persian. From 1803 Assistant Professor and from 1808 Professor of Arabic and Persian at College of Fort William in Calcutta. From 1812 Secretary of Calcutta Madrasa, in 1814-17 in charge of Company’s press in Calcutta, 1818 Secretary to the Stationery Committee. In 1820 tralled with his brother, Lieutenant Thomas L., through Iran, Georgia and Russia to England. Again in Calcutta as Professor in 1822-25. Retired in 1926 and spent his last years in England. LL.D. 1808 Old Aberdeen.

Publications: Wrote Persian and Arabic grammars, edited the first part of The Shahnameh. Calcutta 1811.

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