MACHALSKI, Frantiszek

MACHALSKI, Franciszek. Braddock near Pittsburgh 5.7.1904 — 24.1.1979. Polish Iranian Scholar. Professor in Cracow. Born in an emigrant family in the U.S.A. From 1924 studied Arabic and Persian (also Polish and Indology) at Lwów. After a brief period as Assistant of Islamic history at Lwów taught Polish at the gymnasium of Tarnopol until the war and during the war taught Polish in Iran and Libanon. Back in Poland worked as teacher in Bytom and from 1951 at Seminar of Oriental Philology, Cracow University. He started there the teaching of Iranian philology, from 1969 as eo. Professor. Retired in 1974, but continued research and teaching until his death. In the first place he was a specialist of Persian literature, but also interested in religion and onomastics. He was a productive translator, who also worked on Sanskrit texts.

Publications: Wpływy polskie w przemyśla perskiem. 1948; Historyczna powieść perska. 1952; Od Cyrusa do Mosaddeka. 1960 (History); Wędrówki irańskie. 1960 (travel book); La littérature de l’Iran contemporain. 1-2. 1965-67, 3. c. 1979; articles.

translated: Opowieść o miłości Zala i Rudabe. 1961 (from the Šāhnāme).

Sources: A. Pisowicz, Folia Orient. 20, 1979, 317-320, with photo.

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