MACKENZIE, Colin. Stornoway, Lewis, Outer Hebrides 1753/54? — Calcutta 8.5.1821. British (Scots) Colonial Officer and Pioneer of Indology in India. In India 1782-1821. Son of Murdoch M., a merchant. Through a clan connection he obtained a cadetship and came to Madras in 1782. From 1783 Second Lieutenant of Madras Engineers, 1789 First Lieutenant, 1793 Captain, 1806 Major, 1809/10 Lieutenant Colonel, 1819 Colonel. He became interested in Hindu civilization and started his collections in 1783 in Madurai, was then stationed in Coimbatore, Dindigul, Madras, Nellore and Guntur. In 1790-92 he participated in the war against Tipu Sultan, in 1796 in Ceylon. He prepared the first good map of the Deccan. In 1799 again in war against Tipu, then in Mysore Survey until 1806. From 1807 Surveyor-General of Madras, in 1811-15 commander of engineers in Java. Conducted mapping of Tamilnadu, from 1819 as Surveyor-General of India in Calcutta. Died before he was able to return to Europe to arrange his extensive collections. C.B. 1815. Married.

CM was one of the first Britons who collected inscriptions and a pioneer of Jaina studies, but best he is remembered of his enormous collection of manuscripts. After his death this famous Mackenzie collection wase purchased from his widow by Marquis Hastings. It contained manuscripts in Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian, Javanese and Burmese, inscriptions, coins, statues, drawings, plans, etc. The main part of it was brought to England in 1823-25 and deposited in India Office, only South Indian manuscripts and inscriptions remained and were deposited in 1828 in the library of Madras College where they were catalogued by William Taylor (now in Government Oriental Manuscript Library).

Publications: papers on routes in Nellore and on the sources of the Pennar in Dalrymple’s Oriental Repository; Life of Hyder Ali in Oriental Annual Register 1804; histories of the Bijayanagar and Unaganda Rajahs, ibid.; papers publ. in a Batavian journal.

– “Account of the Pagoda at Perwuttum”, As. Res. 5, 1798, 8Ś repr. 303-314.

– “Remarks on some Antiquities on the West and South Coasts of Ceylon”, As. Res. 6, 179?, 8o repr. 425-454.

– “Account of the Jains”, As. Res. 9, 1807, 244-286; “An Account of the Marriage Ceremonies of the Hindus and Mahommedans, as practised in the Southern Peninsula of India”, TrRAS 3, 1835, 170-184.

Descriptive Catalogue of Mackenzie Collections. Edited by H. H. Wilson. 1828, rev. ed. 1882.

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