DAY, Terence P.

DAY, Terence Patrick. 1930 — 2003. British or Canadian Indologist. Professor of Religion at University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.
Publications:Indian Ideas of Punishment in the Light of Recent Western Discussions. 1000 p. L. 1966 (King’s College, perhaps a diss.).
The Conception of Punishment in Early Indian Literature. 4+328 p. Waterloo, Ontario 1982.
Great tradition and little tradition in Theravada Buddhist studies. 14+223 p. Studies in Asian Thought and Rel. 7. Lewiston, NY 1988.
– “Implications for religious history of the sociological ‘assault’ on the humanities (Theravada Buddhism as example)”, Religious Studies 1991, 145-167.
– Other writings on religion.
Sources: Books only in Internet.

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