MAN, Edward Horace

MAN, Edward Horace. Singapore 1846 — 28.9.1929. British Civil Servant and Ethnographist in India. Son of General H. Man. Worked long time as the Commissioner of Andamans from 1869, retired in 1901 as Chief Commissioner and settled in Brighton. C.I.E. 1893. A great number of his papers are held by Royal Anthropological Institute.

Publications: The Aboriginal Inhabitants of the Andaman Islands. 73 p. L. 1883; Grammar and Dictionary of the Central Nicobarese Language. L. 1889.

– “Descriptive Catalogue of Objects made and used by the Native of the Nicobar Islands”, IA 24, 1895, 41-49, 106-112, 132-136, 169-172; “Notes on the Nicobarese”, IA 26, 1897, 217-222, 265-277; other articles in IA, JRGS, JRAnthInst, etc.

The Nicobar Islands and their people. Ed. by D. Prain. L. 1932.

Sources: Who Was Who; Cl. Wintle, Colonial Collecting and Display. 2013, 62ff.; *life sketch by D. Prain in 1932 book.

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