MAŃKOWSKI, Leon von. Podolia 6.11.1858 — Krakow 18.4.1909. Polish (Austrian) Indologist. Professor in Cracow. After law studies started Indology at Breslau, then under Bühler at Vienna, later also at Leipzig. Dr. iuris. Ph.D. From 1894 Docent of Sanskrit at Jagellonian University in Kracow, from 190? eo. Professor. Founded the Seminarium Sanskrytu there. He was often ill and unable to give his teaching and therefore without direct pupils. After his relatively early death the Indology in Kracow was finally established by Gawroński.

Publications: Der Auszug aus dem Pañcatantra in Kṣemendras Bṛhatkathāmañjarī. Einleitung, Text, Übersetzung und Anm. 55+80 p. Lp. 1892.

– “Bâṇa’s Kâdambarî und die Geschichte von Sumanas in der Bṛihatkathâ”, WZKM 15, 1901, 213-250 & 16, 1902, 147-182.

Über die neuesten Ergebnisse der Pañcatantra-Forschung. Cracow 1908.

Sources: briefly E. Sluszkiewicz, IAC 7:4, 1959, 416; I. Milewska, Cracow Indological Studies 1, 1995, 5f.; not in Ö.B.L.; two lines in Polish Wikipedia give birth and death dates.

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