MARCO DELLA TOMBA (Pietro Girolamo Agresti). Tomba near Senigallia in Urbino 1726 — Bhagalpur (Patna) 13.3. (or 7.6.) 1803. Italian Capuchin Missionary, in India 1757-73 & 1786-1803. Son of Crisostomo Agresti and Vittoria Luzietti, Capuchin novice 1745. In 1755 he joined the Tibetan mission of his order (which no longer could work in Tibet) and arrived at India 1757, worked in Patna, Chuhari and Bettia (near Nepalese border) until 1773. After ten years in Italy he returned and became in 1786 Propraefectus of the mission, and from 1801 Praefectus. He wrote a good account of the country and much about Indian religion.

Publications: Works ed. by A. De Gubernatis: Gli scritti del p. Marco della Tomba missionario nelle Indie Orientali, raccolti, ordinati ed illustrati sopra gli autografi del Museo Borgiano. Firenze 1878.

Sources: Lexicon Capuccinum. Romae 1951; *D. N. Lorenzen, “M.D.T. and the Brahmin from Banaras: Missionaries, Orientalists, and Indian Scholars”, JASt 65, 2006, 115–143 and *D.B.I. 69, 2007; Wikipedia.

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