MARTIN, Robert Montgomery

MARTIN, Robert Montgomery. Dublin 1801? — Sutton, Surrey 6.9.1868. British Physician, Botanist, Statistician and Historian in India and Asia. Born in a Protestant family in Ireland, he came to Ceylon in 1820 and travelled around Indian Ocean as assistant surgeon, botanist, and naturalist (South Africa and Madagascar), in 1828-30 in India. Back in England he became Member of the Court of Directors of the E.I.C. and in 1840 witness before a Commission on the East Indian trade. In 1844-45 Treasurer of Hongkong, resigned. In 1851 on a mission to Jamaica. From 1866 one of the first members of the East India Association. Married twice.

Publications: The political, commercial and financial conditions of the Anglo-Eastern Empire in 1832. 403 p. L. 1833; The History of the British Colonies. 1834; The Marquis of Wellesley’s Despatches. 1836; The Monetary System of British India. 1841; The Indian Empire. 1857; The Rise and Progress of the Indian Mutiny. 1859.

The history, antiquities, topography, and statistics of eastern India. L. 1838.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia.

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