MAUSS, Marcel

MAUSS, Marcel. Épinal, Vosges 10.5.1872 — Paris 10.2.1950. French Sociologist and Anthropologist. Nephew and pupil of Durkheim, birn in an Alsatian Jewish family. After agregation (1895) studied Sanskrit (S. Lévi) and comparative religion. Wrote with his friend —> H. Hubert on the sociology of Vedic religion in 1898. From 1901 Directeur adjoint, then directeur d’études at É.P.H.É. (“Histoire des religions des peuples non civilisés”). In 1931–41 also Professor of Sociology at Collège de France, then dismissed as a Jew. Married late, 1934, with Marthe Dupret (d. 1947). Short visit to Morocco in 1930 was his only travel outside Europe.

Publications: with H. Hubert: “Essai sur la nature et la fonction du sacrifice”, Année sociologique 1897-98, 29-138.

– “Anna-Virāj”, Mélanges Lévi 1911, 333-341; some Indological reviews.

Esquisse d’une théorie générale de la magie. 1902-03 and other works unrelated to India.

Sources: L. Valensi, D.O.L.F. 668-670: Wikipedia with further references (more in French version).

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