MAYNE, John Dawson

MAYNE, John Dawson. Dublin 31.12.1828 — Berkshire 1917. British (Irish) Lawyer in India. “Son of John M., Barrister-at-law in Dublin, educated at Trinity College, Dublin, called to the bar, 1854. Practised at the English bar, 1854-56, at the Madras bar, 1857-72, and at the Privy Council, 1873-1903. Professor of Law at Presidency College, Madras. Clerk of the Crown, High Court, Madras. Acting Advocate-General of Madras. Professor of Common Law to the Inns of Court, 1880-85.” Many of his books were still reprinted in the 1950s. Twice married.

Publications: Native Law as administered in the courts of the Madras Presidency. Madras 1863; Commentaries on the Indian Penal Code. Madras 1872 and many editions; Hindu Law and Usage. Madras 1878 and many editions; Treatise on Damages. L. 1894; Criminal Law of India. 1119 p. Madras 1904; etc.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia.

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