MERKEL, Josef. Mainz 4.8.1788 — 18??. German Schoolteacher interested in Sanskrit. From 1810 teacher at Philosophisches Lehrinstitut in Aschaffenburg, from 1818 Professor at local Lyceum. From 1828 also Hofbibliothekar in Aschaffenburg. Retired in old age.

Publications: translated Colebrooke’s essay “On the vedas”, published as an appendix to Bopp’s Conjugationssystem. 1816, 271-312.

– translated: Sawitri, eine Indische Dichtung. 8+95 p. Aschaffenburg 1839.

Lucani Pharsalica I. Lat. & Deutsch. 1829.

– brief publications about collections of Aschaffenburg library.

Sources: Eckstein 1871 & Pökel 1882; even the N.U.C. has not the date of his death.

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