MERKEL, Josef. Mainz 4.8.1788 — 1866. German Teacher and Librarian interested in Sanskrit. From 1810 teacher at Philosophisches Lehrinstitut in Aschaffenburg, from 1818 Professor at local Lyceum. From 1828 also Hofbibliothekar in Aschaffenburg. Retired in old age.

Publications: Translated Colebrooke’s essay “On the vedas”, published as an appendix to Bopp’s Conjugationssystem. 1816, 271-312.

– Translated: Sawitri, eine Indische Dichtung. 8+95 p. Aschaffenburg 1839.

Lucani Pharsalica I. Lat. & Deutsch. 1829.

– Brief publications about collections of Aschaffenburg library; in 1854 edited Brentano’s writings together with the author’s widow.

Sources: Eckstein 1871 & Pökel 1882; stray notes in Internet.

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