MICHAEL, James. 1??? — 15.12.1837. British Colonial Officer and Oriental (Persian and Urdu) Scholar. Served in India as major and colonel. In 1827-37 Professor of Hindustani at Haileybury. During his last years suffered of poor health and in the end committed a suicide. Married. —> J. R. Ballantyne was his sister’s son.

Publications: on Persian: Anwâr-i Suhaili. Analysis of chapter 1. 18??.

on Urdu: Naclât-i hindi, or Hindi Stories. Selections from Bagh o Bahâr. L. 1829; Intikhab-i Ikhwân-us-Suffâ, or Hindi Selections. Selections from its Urdu version. L. 1829.

Sources: G[arcin de] T[assy], JA 3:5, 1838, 202f.

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