HORSLEY, William Henry

HORSLEY, William Henry. Teddington, Middlesex 28.10.1812 — 8.2.1893.  British Colonial Officer. Son of of George Henry Horsley of Middlesex and Frances Elizabeth Harding. After Addiscombe a year of specialist training at Chatham and then joined Madras Engineers. Mainly involved with civil engineering projects, especially in Travancore. Finally Lieutenant Colonel. Married 1845 Frederica Montgomery O’Connell (1818–1903), six sons (—> Hugh Horsley) and rwo daughters.
Publications: Memoir of Travancore. Historical and Statistical, Compiled from Various Authentic Records and Personal Observations. 76 p. Trivandrum 1839.
Sources: https://www.tregeaglefineart.com; stray notes in Internet.

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