MILLER, Barbara Stoler

MILLER, Barbara Stoler. New York 8.8.1940 — New York 19.4.1993. U.S. Indologist. Professor in New York. Educated at Great Neck High School (where Wendy Doniger was her classmate). Studies at Barnard College, Columbia University (B.A. 1962, M.A. 1964). Ph.D. 1968 at University of Pennsylvania under W. Norman Brown and St. Kramrisch, also studied in India. From 1968 Assistant Professor, 1977 Professor and 1983-93 Samuel R. Milbank Professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures at Barnard College, Columbia University, New York. Also important administrative positions. Hon. Dr. of Humane Letters 1989 Mount Holyoke College. Died of cancer. Married with Maxwell Greenwood, one daughter.

Miller was a specialist of classical Sanskrit poetry. Her translations are much praised for being at same time both readable and reliable. Often they are accompanied by a critical text edition.

Publications: Translated: Bhartrihari. Poems. 28+156 p. N.Y. & L. 1967.

Edited and transl.: Bilhaṇa: Phantasies of a love thief (Caurapañcāśika). 12+233 p. N.Y. 1971.

– “Rādhā: Consort of Kṛṣṇa’s Vernal Passion”, JAOS 95, 1975, 655-671, other articles e.g. in JIPh 7, 1979, 209-221.

Edited and transl. (with critical study): Jayadeva: Gītagovinda. Love Songs of the Dark Lord. 20+225 p. N.Y. 1977.

The Hermit and the Love-Thief: Sanskrit Poems of Bhartrihari and Bilhana. 127 p. N.Y. 1978.

Edited: Exploring India’s sacred art. Selected writings of Stella Kramrisch. Edited with a biogr. essay by B. S. Miller. 18+356 p. Philadelphia 1983.

Edited: Theater of Memory. The Plays of Kalidasa. Translated by E. Gerow (Māl.), D. Gitomer (Vikr.) and B. S. Miller (Śak.). 14+387 p. N.Y. 1984.

Edited: W. G. Archer: Songs for the Bride: Wedding Rites of rural India. Ed. by B. S. Miller & M. Archer. 40+181 p. Studies in Oriental Cultures 20. N. Y. 1985.

Transl.: The Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna’s Counsel in Time of War. 168 p. N.Y. 1986.

Transl. Yoga. Discipline of Freedom. The Yoga Sūtra Attributed to Patañjali. 14+114 p. Berkeley & L.A. 1996.

Sources: Brief note in MLBD Newsletter June 1993; cover of her Theater of Memory. 1984 and of Yoga. 1996; W. Doniger, JASt 52, 1993, 813-815; Wikipedia.

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