MOOR, Edward

MOOR, Edward. 1771 — Westminster 26.2.1848. British Colonial Officer and Oriental Scholar in India. Major. Left for India as cadet in 1782, arrived at Madras 1783. “Served with the Mahratta Army against Tippoo, 1790-1, at Dharwar, Doridrug, Gadjnur; wrote, in 1794, an account of the operations. Officiated as Quarter-Master-General; garrison storekeeper, i.e. Commissary-General, at Bombay, 1799-1805. Retired in 1805.” In England, settled in Bealings, Suffolk. Member of A.S.B. from 1796, later of several other scholarly societies, too. (F.R.S. 1806) His Pantheon was a much used early reference work, although then forgotten.

Publications: Narrative of the operations of Capt. Little’s Detachment and of the Maratha Army commanded by Purseram Bhow (against Tipoo Sultan). L. 1794.

Hindu Pantheon. L. 1810, rev. ed. Madras 1864; Hindu Infanticide. L. 1811; Oriental Fragments. 1834.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; S. Lee, D.N.B. 38, 1894, 334f.; JRAS 9, 1848, Proc. ivf.; Wikipedia.

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