MOULTON, James Hope

MOULTON, James Hope. Surrey 11.10.1863 — on sea 7.4.1917. British Iranian Scholar. Professor in Manchester. Son of a minister and teacher, educated at Leys School. Studies at King’s College, Cambridge, fellow 1888-94. Ordained 1886 as Methodist priest, then assisted his father in Leys. From 1902 New Testament Tutor at Wesleyan College in Ordsbury, Manchester. From 1908 Greenwood Professor of Hellenistic Greek and Indo-European Philology at University of Manchester. In 1915 he went to India and gave lectures to the Parsis. On return, a German U-boat sank his ship in the Mediterranean on 4.4. and JHM succumbed in a lifeboat after a few days adrift. M.A. Cambridge. D.Litt. London. D.D. Edinburgh. Married 1890 (widower 1915), two daughters and two sons.

JHM was one of the best specialists of New Testament Greek, but also became early interested in Sanskrit and Avesta. Student of Cowell. In the Avesta he attempted to discern the doctrine of Zoroaster from that of the Mages; the former he admired as the purest non-Christian religion. Zoroaster he dated in c. 660–583 B.C.

Publications: A grammar of New Testament Greek. 1. Prolegomena. 1906; 2. ed. by W. F. Howard. 19??.

Early Religious Poetry of Persia. 170 p. 1911 (on Avesta); Zoroastrian Studies. Hibbert Lectures 1912. 1913; The Teaching of Zarathustra. 1917.

Religion and Religions. 1913.

The Treasure of the Magi. A Study of Modern Zoroastrianism. 15+273 p. L. 1917.

Sources: A.S.P. in D.N.B. 1912-1921, 391f.; note in JAOS 1917; Wikipedia with portrait.

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